Turn your photos into a pencil drawn sketch

Pick one photograph, fine tune it and share it.

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Turn your photos into a pencil drawn sketch

Turn your photos into a sketch

This feature can best be used on photographs of objects, landscapes or animals. It will create a stylized sketch of the objects in the picture. Hint - We have a similar feature for portraits too, you can try it here . It will create a pencil like portrait, similar to a sketch but the algorithm used there is more suitable for portraits and thus fine tuned to that direction.

1. Choose a photo

  • Pick one of your favourite photographs by searching on your own computer and feed it via the folder button. Or maybe the picture you are trying to stylize is already on the web? In that case just copy and paste the image URL.
  • Hint - If you have a picture which is already on Facebook, and is publicly visible, just use the address that you find under right click "Copy image URL". Do not use the address that you see in the browser because that won't work ;)
  • Hint - For the most impact use a photo that represents a closeup of you

2. Now fine tune it

  • Just try and play around with the lightness and the details values and preview the image in real time until you think you have the best looking sketch. You can drag the two slider bars with the mouse for faster and easier adjustments.
  • Hint - Usually a higher number of details combined with half or less lightness gives a more refined look closer to a hand drawn pencil sketch.

2. Download it for keeping

  • After you save your previous work the image is posted in the main gallery. There you can choose to keep it or delete it. Use the download button if you are satisfied with the result
  • Note - Usually the images that you download have the ".png" extension because they are small in size but they still look crisp and beautiful.

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