Clean and shine grill

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Picnic grill

Materials: Stainless steel 2mm sheet, Stainless steel screws, Stainless steel 4mm spokes

The grill entirely made of 2mm food grade stainless steel, specially made with the perfect size for a sausage casserole.
The 4mm food grade stainless steel skewers do not leave burn marks on the meat.
The charcoal grill is removable, which means the spokes can be easily removed and cleaned, it is adjustable in height in 3 steps up to approximately 8cm/3inches from the embers.
The fire box is 30 cm wide, 32 cm long, 5 cm deep. The depth of the box allows the use of almost all the coals/embers in an efficient way. The 3mm wide ventilation slits allow air supply to the coals/embers evenly throughout the volume.
It has 16 pieces - food grade stainless steel spokes of 4mm + 2 that are used with the role of blocking.

Ships from a small business in Romania

clean and shine small grill for backyard
  • chancoal box lentgh: 32cm
  • chancoal box wide: 30cm
  • chancoal box hight:5cm
  • maximum distance from charcoal to the meat: 6cm
  • minumum distance from charcoal to the meat: 0cm
  • food grade stainless steel spokes: 4mm
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